When you should call a professional plumber

What you should know during plumbing inspections

When you should call a professional plumber

All homeowners encounter minor plumbing problems and it’s usually the “man in the house” that tries to work on it. True enough, small problems can get fixed using simple solutions like with a plunger or a dab of grease on the pipes. Having a handyman in your home will be able to do some minor repairs such as replacing the drain or a worn-out washer.

The problems just mentioned require basic skills that some men (or women) already know. A professional comes in when the job gets too complicated for your handy man skills. Doing the big leak on your toilet will only lead to a bigger headache in the future. It’s best you avoid this kind of problem when you encounter it.

Regular maintenance

Just like any system in your home, your plumbing requires regular attention to keep it any costly damages from occurring. Getting a plumbing company in Singapore to perform regular checking and repairs will be enough.

A small issue in the pipes can lead to heavy damage if left unchecked. This can sneak up on you and you would just be shocked with the huge repair costs the plumber you hired charged you. These small problems may hasten the wear and tear of your system which eventually may lead to the deterioration of the structural integrity of not only your plumbing but also your house.

No matter how small the leak you should watch out for it because the water can cause a ton of damage. Molds can grow in small cracks on wooden panels in the kitchen. The water can also seep in to the floor tiles which will cause discoloration. These types of damages can be prevented with regular checking and timely repairs.

Routine repair

There are repairs that you can do on your own with a little bit of experience, a few tools, and some skill. However, you should also do an inspection before you dive in to the repair because you might want to follow a plan to effectively do a repair.

Unlike a DIY repair, professionals will be able to properly examine the problem. They will go through your entire house to check for damages on your pipes, sink, and toilet. Moisture is a big problem inside homes which is caused by humidity. A damp pipe might lead to corroded copper or brass plumbing installations. These are small signs that you might have a leak.

You should also check the water pressure from your plumbing. A steady flow would mean that your plumbing is normal. However, when you see the drain is releasing only a small amount of water there could be clogging inside. Plumbers will also be able to check for some leaking on your toilets.

Call a Plumber

Calling a professional plumber in Singapore is easy. Visit www.3aplumber.com to learn more about one the country’s best plumbing companies. They will take care of everything from inspection, repair, maintenance, and installation. You don’t need to worry about your plumbing because they will be able to carry out all the tasks needed to fully repair your water or drainage system.


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