Commonly called plumbing emergencies in Singapore

Don’t DIY these plumbing emergencies
What Can a Singapore Plumbing Contractor Offer?

Commonly called plumbing emergencies in Singapore

A plumbing emergency is one that needs attending to right away. All homes will experience it at some point because drains will eventually clog up with dirt and grim and pipes through wear and tear over time will leak water.

As a homeowner, it would be wise to take simple steps to avoid a plumbing emergency. But, despite all the things you do emergency plumbing services would still be needed. It helps to be prepared in these situations. Learning more about the plumbing emergencies commonly happening in residential and/or commercial areas in Singapore will be a good start.

Burst Pipe

A pipe that burst open is a huge headache even for the most experienced plumber. Water would be coming out and it needs to get repaired right away to prevent it from causing more damage to your house.

As a first step, people inside the house must turn off the water valve to keep water from flowing through the pipes. Those who know the house plan should be the one going to the valve to turn it off. If in any case, the person left doesn’t know where the valve is should find a way to ask someone who knows where it is quickly because the water will continue to flow rapidly if the valve isn’t turned off.

You can avoid this problem if you look for signs of a problem on your water pipes. Tiny holes and small damage on the pipe make it susceptible to bursting open in the future. A skilled plumber would know what to do in this type of emergency. You can hire one that has experience with these kinds of tasks.

Leaky plumbing

Your plumbing’s fixtures can also leak water because of damage. Small objects and loose hair usually get trapped inside the small openings which causes the leak. You should try closing the water valve to see where the trapped objects are found.

It would be tempting to go do it yourself because you’d think it’s a small problem, not an emergency. However, calling your plumber in Singapore would still be your safest bet. They can safely remove these small plumbing fixtures, drain covers, and other parts to find where the clogging happened. Plumbers will also be able to make the proper assessment of the faulty parts. If they’re old, they will recommend replacing them with newer parts to fix the leak right away.

Clogged toilets

Plungers are your best friend during these situations. It will loosen up the materials that caused the clog inside your toilet or drain. The number one cause of the clogging is the flushing of materials that aren’t supposed to be flushed down the toilet. There are even times that a plunger won’t be enough, and you need to call a plumber to help you right away, so you can use the toilet. is an experienced plumbing company in Singapore that provides emergency plumbing services in the city. Plumbers can be called for emergencies at any point in the day which makes them a reliable plumbing company.



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