About Us

3A Plumber got started providing quality plumbing services years ago. The company’s vision was to provide excellent plumbing work to all types of customers. From residential homes to commercial spaces, we prioritize our client’s satisfaction. The company brings in a full team of professional plumbers with years of experience working in the industry. Management makes sure the team delivers quality service all the time.

There is also a dedicated staff for customer booking and answer all their queries. Our services have a set price which means you will get the same quote every time for the services that you hired our plumbers to do. Customers are also able to request the service quote before the job is started. Pipe and tank installation, pipe repair, and drainage clearing are the main services we offer at 3A plumber.

We use proper installation methods to get your water system running. We also do good repair and clearing jobs to keep your plumbing functioning well. Our main office is found in Singapore. We are a business that supports the Singaporean community with the plumbing services that they need. Contact us if you need a plumber in Singapore.